VAMPS 2009 U.S. Tour!!

VAMPS have just recently announced that they will do a U.S. tour! More info to come, so please check out their official MySpace page here:

In preparation for the tour, VAMPS need some serious help in promoting the tour. Here are some ideas:

1. Plaster your own little videos promoting the tour on YouTube. Or, just simply post it the info. somewhere with a link to VAMPS’ Official MySpace page on your YouTube account. Please let me know if you’ve made a CM, ’cause I’d love to see it!

2. Use the banners from VAMPS’ “Announcing…” blog and post them all over your web pages or feel free to make your own. Also, I’ve created some banners and posted them in the “Promotional Materials – Banners” album, so feel free to use those as well.

3. Cut up small pieces of paper with the information about the tour and a link to VAMPS’ Official MySpace page and leave them in random places, such as: coffee shops, cafes, libraries, bars, clubs, pubs, bus stations, train stations, on buses, trains, planes, school, anime clubs, music clubs, in the East Asian Studies/Languages departments at your University or Universities near you, etc…be creative! Just don’t do anything illegal!

4. Post fliers/posters in your area promoting the tour. Even if VAMPS don’t come to you area, it will still give people a heads up on the tour and a chance to save up in case they might have to fly elsewhere to see VAMPS. You can create your own fliers and if you do, I’d love to post them in the street team’s photos section, if you don’t mind. Also, I’ve created some fliers and they’re located in the “Fliers” album, so feel free to use those (I’ll be uploading more later).

Go here to access the graphics:

5. SPREAD THE WORD: Remember, word-of-mouth is extremely effective. If you have accounts at any (or all) the following sites: Facebook, DeviantArt, Twitter, LiveJournal, JRock Revolution’s forums, etc…feel free to let everyone & their mom know that VAMPS are coming to the U.S.!!

If you have any more ideas, please feel free to share them! In addition, as soon as the dates become available, VAMPS will have their official banners with dates. Thanks for supporting VAMPS & good luck with your promotion efforts!!

Much VAMPS-love,


Some YouTube commercials can be found here: