VAMPS LIVE 2012 – VAMPS TOKYO [2012.07.04]

[DAY 1 – 12.07.04]



VAMPSが、ZEPP TOKYOを1ヵ月完全占拠!ZEPP TOKYOの名前をも「VAMPS TOKYO」と変えて・・・ついに、VAMPSのライヴハウスが期間限定で出現しました!!

名前だけではなく、会場は「VAMPS TOKYO」仕様になっています。至る所にVAMPS TOKYOのロゴが!


The final form of the live!?VAMPS are attempting to become legends!!

VAMPS [will] fully occupy ZEPP TOKYO for a month!!

And finally, “ZEPP TOKYO” has changed to “VAMPS TOKYO” for the live for a limited time only!!

Rather than just change the name of the venue, the venue [has gone and] included the “VAMPS TOKYO” logo everywhere!



入口はもちろん、会場に入ると、VAMPS TOKYOのロゴが入った赤いカーペットが敷き詰められ・・・

The entrance of the venue is, of course, paved with the red carpet that contains the “VAMPS TOKYO” logo…




Casually in a place like this. (*Laughs*)



会場を巡ると、本当に細かく、あらゆるところにVAMPS TOKYOのロゴが使われています♪

そして、仙台公演で2日間だけ販売されたVAMPSオリジナルカクテルも、VAMPS TOKYO限定のカップで販売!


And around the venue, really detailed, the “VAMPS TOKYO” logo has been used everywhere

And [the] VAMPS original cocktail cups [that] were sold for only 2 days at [the] Sendai lives, were also sold at VAMPS TOKYO.






So, [there is] too much attention [on] drinking alcohol.

But even HYDE was drinking during the patrol of the venue!!




VAMPS TOKYOになったとはいえ、楽屋風景は見慣れたもので・・・。


The liquor contains a good feeling

Say, [the] VAMPS TOKYO dressing room is a familiar scene…



ZEPP TOKYO(今はVAMPS TOKYOです!)の楽屋は、「帰ってきたなぁ~」と、しみじみ思うくらいに馴染みがある楽屋です。




ZEPP TOKYO (now VAMPS TOKYO!) backstage dressing room is familiar and “I came back” to think keenly about ZEPP TOKYO.

Now, focus on [the] stage.

VAMPS’ stage evolution is stage lighting and LED micelles.

As well, VAMPS’ decorations are finely detailed.






K.A.Z stared at the VAMPS skull on the monitor speakers during rehearsal!

The monitor has a gothic taste.

HYDE is down in the seats overlooking the entire [stage], [giving] fine instructions!



演出等の隅々にまで込められたHYDEの想いを、スタッフが具現化して出来上がったステージ!!想いを込めたステージを更に良くしよう! と、確認に余念のないHYDEです!




The finished stage embodies the feelings of HYDE and was put into every inch of the production!!

[The] stage was trying to [convey] the feelings best!! And is intent on HYDE’s confirmation!

First day, the stage was noisy with sound check and I knew that it was almost time [for the live]. (*Sweats*)

K.A.Z selected a costume in a hurry and also did stretching in preparation for the live!




The first day of VAMPS TOKYO!!






And here begins a new legend!

VAMPS has begun performance #13!!