Natalie “HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012” Live Report – Translation

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The Halloween Live event “HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012” organized by VAMPS started at the Hyogo-Kobe World Memorial Hall on October 20th.

For 2 days, and another 3 days, the Makuhari performance is being launched with more “HALLOWEEN PARTY” performances in Kobe this year. The Kobe performances gathered about 15,000 people during the first two days. The venue was will with fans dressed in various costumes during those two days.

The audience was captivated with a set list that focuses on old and new singles, [as well as] BREAKERZ, who served as the opening act on the first day, followed by Acid Black Cherry, increasing the audience’s enthusiasm. And to further convey that enthusiasm was HYDE who [of course] appeared at all the performances of “HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012.” In addition to the vibrant cheers of the audience, there was also some tension as the fans cheered for the long-awaited tunes of VAMPS. So, to accelerate the enthusiasm of the audience, VAMPS delivered [and gave the audience what they want] with plenty of intense performances.

At the end of the event, the special HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA, centered around HYDE, performed. In addition, VAMPS, Acid Black Cheery, BREAKERZ, Hitsugi (Nightmare), Aki (SID), Kanon Wakeshima, Anis (MONORAL), and kyo (D’ERLANGER), all participated on this day. The instrumental b-side of “HALLOWEEN PARTY,” “Penalty Waltz,” was performed.

On the second day of Kobe, the acts included: VAMPS, Acid Black Cherry, BREAKERZ, all appeared in costume unlike the opening night. In addition, the order of the songs were changed which generated more enthusiasm at the event.

The upcoming “HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012” Makuhari performances [are to be] held at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition in Chiba from October 26th-28th. The exhibition space will feature past Halloween costumes [from the past] Halloween lives, in addition there will also be a karaoke stage space with a place to change clothes, as well as other events to be enjoyed at the lives.