Fuji TV to Air “Kishidan Banpaku!”

VAMPS’ performance at the “Kishidan Banpaku” is set to be aired once again by Fuji TV and it will most likely be the last broadcast of a VAMPS performance for 2012. 😦  So mark your calendars and hopefully someone will be kind enough to upload the broadcast.

Date: Friday, December 14th

Time: 27:15-28:15





Also, please don’t forget to vote for VAMPS’ interview on J-MELO for the “NHK Viewer’s Choice 2012 awards.” The voting period ends December 11th!

Here how you can vote:

1. Click “J-Melo” under the Step 1 category.

2. Click “Select” next to VAMPS’ video.

3. Make a selection under Step 2.

4. Enter your information and you’re done! Pass the info along to your friends as well. ;)

Click here to vote: https://www.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/vc12/index.html#5