K.A.Z Valentine’s Blog

*Thanks to VAMPSOUND and VAMPS SPAIN for the info!

Here’s K.A.Z’s blog update about Valentine’s Day:


“Thanks for the chocolate and Valentine’s message(s).*

During this work-in-progress – I ate chocolate.

When I eat too much, it’s dangerous to [my] body’s shape….” (In other words, he’s afraid of getting fat. *lol*)

“~ The OBLIVION DUST fan club live was also very fun.

I’m now preparing for the VAMPS events in Naeba
This board is perfect for beginners [in] Naeba.”* (*Note: K.A.Z is referring to the ski/snowboard lessons that are to be given by Ju-ken, Arimatsu, & Jin in Naeba)


“It appears to be some magic board
It is surprisingly fun.
The state of fear of the person riding this board on the slopes is reduced because the person’s feet are not fixed [to the board].
It’s better for people [riding] for the first time! I want to ride…

Change [of topic]
This [is a] folk craft demon


That’s a cute demon. Demon is not frightening at all.”

You can read the original entry here: http://kaz1011.jugem.jp/?eid=92