Preparation for VAMPS’ World Tour

Perhaps this post is much too early. And perhaps this is jumping the gun, or so to speak. However, I just want to post this entry before I forget (and because it’s such a rad idea, I get excited just thinking about it!).

Last year, I became inspired by the Halloween live hosted by HYDE. I thought about how cool it would be if VAMPS were able to hold Halloween lives overseas. It seems pretty impossible that VAMPS were ever hold such lives overseas….so why not bring the Halloween lives to ourselves?

Yes, that’s right. We fans can host our own Halloween lives. Sure, we may not get the extra activities beforehand, but it could be just as fun.

So, now the question is how can we possibly have our own Halloween live? That’s easy. We’ll all go dressed up to the concerts in costume. Most people tend to cosplay at J-Rock concerts anyway, so this would be no different.

Mind you, dates and locations of the concerts haven’t been announced and that’s totally fine. Regardless of when the concert is, I think those attending should show up wearing costumes. Someone could also bring extra cat ears, devil horns, etc… just in case anyone forgets to bring a costume.

So, if VAMPS’ tour kicks off during the summer, then it will be a “Halloween live” in the summer. If the tour takes place during the spring, then it will be a “Halloween live” during the spring. I think this could be a really awesome surprise for VAMPS and it will only work if EVERYONE participates.

You wouldn’t even need to purchase a costume. Homemade costumes are the best anyway! Here are some ideas for a homemade costume: cat, dog, zombie, hobo, vampire, ghost, pumpkin, etc…

This place is a good source to get some ideas for a Halloween costume:

And this place:

For those living outside of the U.S., I’m not sure if the two websites I posted ship internationally. However, check your local stores and see if you can find anything. I’ll do some digging myself and see if I can find other websites as well.

We’ve got plenty of time to spread the word about this. With news that the tour is set to begin in Britain, it looks like this tour is definitely going to happen. Let’s try and make this idea happen!

By the way, according to a recent newspaper article in Japan, it states the tour is going to start in Britain. This information is not yet confirmed by VAMPS or their staff. However, it’s a sign that we can expect more details to come. Please spread the word about this to your friends!! 😉