Ju-ken’s and Arimatsu’s Blog Entries! :3

*Thanks to VAMPS SPAIN for the heads up.


Here’s a photo from ARIMATSU’s blog, taken during the beginner snowboarding lessons in Naeba! Looks like they had a blast. 😉


Next, here are some photos from Ju-ken’s blog in Naeba:



Very rough translation of Ju-Ken’s blog:

Subject: Blog

Anyway, even so it was a very fun day!
Slipping, event, slipping, event, slipping….
Hmm, you went sliding?

[I] returned to the station premises on the summit to eat onigiri and Gin-chan was by the bomb.


In one minute, the koshihikari was cooked and you could choose whatever contents [inside]!!
I once again realized the effect of rice!