L’ArCanada Project – Please Read!

Hey everyone! Bianca, one of the admins from L’ArCanada, messaged me about a very cool project they are working on. Read below about the project:


“This is Admin Bianca from L’ArCanada. I am currently in the process of developing and realizing a magazine project. Street teams are such wonderful communities and I think it’d be awesome if we could put together something for fellow L’Arc fans internationally. This will be a project that I am directing personally. I am hoping to include L’Arc focused groups and L’Arc solo project groups.

Material: The content in the magazine will be provided by each of the participating street teams. It would be great to get pictures (not from Le-Ciel or scanned from magazines/books of L’Arc, fan-cam photos (willing contributors will be credited accordingly). If there are any visuals that you would like to be considered for the visuals of the magazine on your street team’s page/spread, feel free to let me know. I will have some questions and maybe some topics to suggest to your street team to talk about in an article. It would be lovely to have the admins write something together/separately (however yours group wants to decide) It doesn’t have to be a lengthly article. But if your team has any topics you would like to talk about, I am open to suggestions.

Focus: The goal of this magazine is that it will be printed (not formal magazine printing), and distributed to a few participants in each participating street team. Shortly after all of the participants have received their hardcopies of the magazine, the magazine will be available online.

Participants: There maybe some polls or some questions to some of the ‘follower’s in your group, so I would ask that participating street teams will help ask the question(s) and collect answers. Only people who have participated in these will have the chance to receive a hardcopy of the magazine.

My aim is to co-promote, encourage more interactivity between street teams, and enable more audience members to learn more about each of the featured street teams.

If your team would be interested in participating, please let me know! I would like to have this project completed within the month and will be needing articles submissions in about 1 week.

Thank you,



I am working on the article at the moment and I was wondering if any of you would be interested in sharing some photos you took during the past two VAMPS tours. I think it would be cool for the VAMPS + American Street Team + page of this magazine be filled with awesome fan pics. If you’d like to participate (and I sincerely hope you do), please email me your picture, along with your name (or however you’d like to be credited) here:


I’ll compile all the images and send them off to Bianca. The deadline to send me your images is 11:00 PM (PST) on MONDAY, MARCH 11th, 2013.