Some Clarification….









Hello all. I just wanted to provide some brief clarification regarding the “HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012” photobook release. It has been going around that the photobook has been simply canceled. In some sense, that is true, but not entirely. The Catchbon website where the book was originally to be ordered from states that the book has been postponed indefinitely OR canceled. You might be thinking, “Well, that’s the same thing, right?” The answer is: not necessarily. “Postponed indefinitely” means that the book may still possibly be released, but at a later date. “Canceled” means that the book is flat-out canceled and production of the book will cease.

The Catchbon website is offering refunds because many people may not want to wait for the book to be released, if it is ever to be released at all. So in order to avoid any confusion, the Catchbon website is offering refunds to those who ordered the book through them and do not wish to wait for the book’s release.

Japan Discoveries has also canceled orders for the book (for those who ordered it from there) because of the same issue: the uncertainty of the release date (if the book is ever to be released at all). Those who ordered the book through Japan Discoveries will also receive full refunds of their order.

CDJapan, however, has not canceled orders for the book. Many of you may have noticed that the book is still up for sale and so I decided to email them and ask why. Here’s the response I received:

Thank you for your e-mail. I looked into it.

As you already knew, the item publish date has been postponed. However our supplier are considering to keep the order until the publisher decide the new release date.

We are now waiting for the response from them if they will keep our order or better to cancel once. We will update our item page when everything is clear.

Should you require any assistance, please feel free to contact us again.
Best Regards,
Yukari Hashimoto”

So, in other words, until it is announced that the photobook is canceled entirely, CDJapan will still accept orders for it. Those who have ordered the photobook through CDJapan have NOT been offered any refunds because the funds are not taken from the customer’s bank account until long AFTER the item has shipped (and this is with anything you order from CDJapan). The company makes an initial charge, just to make sure the funds are present in your account, then the funds are essentially put back into your account until after your item has shipped, and then the funds will be taken again.

Ok, to sum up this long post, the “HALLOWEEN PARTY 2012” photobook has not officially been canceled, but it is postponed indefinitely until the publisher decides a new release date. You can still place an order for the photobook through CDJapan and if a new release date is determined, then your order will be shipped. I hope this clears up any confusion anyone has. :3