“VAMPS LIVE 2013” Live Viewing Contest!



Hey, hey, hey! So the “VAMPS LIVE 2013” live viewing will be held at the Regal at LA Live. In celebration of this event, I’d like to give a lucky fan the opportunity to attend. The winner will receive 2 tickets to viewing on July 7th.

To enter, listen to each of the song clips below (all VAMPS songs of course). Identify the name of each song and mail your answers to me in an email. You can email your answers here:


The subject of your email should read “VAMPS Live Viewing Contest.” If the subject of your email DOES NOT say “VAMPS Live Viewing Contest,” your entry will automatically be rejected. All entries should be received by Friday, June 21st by 11 PM.

Ready to play? Click on the song clips below:

Song #1

Song #2

Song #3


The first person to submit an email containing the correct answers will win. Please note that all participants are responsible for their own transportation/hotel accommodations. Only one entry per person.