VAMPS LIVE 2013 in Los Angeles Concert Ticket Giveaway!

Hey, hey, hey! Fellow VAMPS fan, Kimberly, has offered to donate her 4 extra General Admission tickets to the VAMPS live in Los Angeles on December 4th. So, because of her very, very kind offer, I have decided to host yet another concert ticket giveaway, as the title of this post states. However, in the spirit of Halloween and to celebrate the re-release of “HALLOWEEN PARTY,” the theme of this contest will be – you guessed it – Halloween-themed! Bwahahaha! 😀


So, here’s the contest. There will be TWO categories: A and B. The description of each category is listed below, however, please note that entrants who enter both categories will only be considered for ONE category, not both, so choose wisely! The rules are listed below and apply to BOTH categories, so please read them carefully as failure to comply with the rules will result in automatic disqualification.


THE PRIZE: There will be ONE winner for each category. Each winner will receive (2) general admission tickets to VAMPS’ concert in Los Angeles on December 4th! Please note that winners of both categories are responsible for their own travel expenses and accommodations. Sorry, I can’t afford to fly people to L.A., otherwise I totally would. 😦



1. All submissions MUST be sent via e-mail to:

2. All submissions MUST have the following e-mail subject title: VAMPS LIVE in LA Contest – [enter either “Category A” or “Category B”]

3. All entrants are allowed to enter both categories, however they will only be considered for ONE category, not both.

4. All submissions must be received on OCTOBER 31st, 2013 by 11:00 pm (PST)

5. All submissions must be in the following formats: .jpg, .pdf, .png, .tif, .gif, etc. OR a valid link to the image must be provided.

6. All submissions must be original work, so no stealing someone else’s work! If the submission is not original, the entrant will be disqualified.


Ok, read the rules? Now, on to the categories!



In the spirit of Halloween and the release of “HALLOWEEN PARTY,” create a work of art in any medium of your choosing. The artwork should capture the spirit of Halloween (whatever that means to you). Alternatively, you can use the song/PV for “HALLOWEEN PARTY” as inspiration. HOWEVER, please do not just simply alter screencaps of the video and do simple editing. That’s not really original work. Be creative and have fun! Make sure to scan your work or photograph it if you use traditional mediums like pen, pencil, paint, etc.



In the spirit of Halloween and the release of “HALLOWEEN PARTY,” show off your best costume! That’s right, calling all you cosplayers out there! Take a photo of yourself in a Halloween costume (or have someone take one of you). The entrant MUST be present in the photo, so don’t take a picture of your friend and try  to pass it off as you. You may, however, take a picture with a group of people, just be sure to be IN the picture. You can cosplay the HALLOWEEN JUNKY ORCHESTRA or any other character/person. Please indicate in your e-mail to me who you’re supposed to be. Also, NO NUDITY PLEASE! Sorry, but just….no. Please exercise your judgement and submit something that isn’t inappropriate.




Winners will be announced FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1st at 11:00 PM (PST)!!