Hey guys! I posted a tutorial on how you can join VAMPADDICT and if you are planning on using Tenso as your shipping service, in other words, if you’re planning on using Tenso to have your VAMPADDICT membership + VAMPS TIMES magazine sent to you, please read below. I forgot to mention this the other day and I apologize for that:


In order for Tenso to send your item to you, they require that you include your Tenso member number in the address line. This is so they will know the item belongs to you and can process shipping accordingly. See, Tenso has a huge warehouse where items are being sent there all time. Tenso employees check the member number on each package that arrives and emails the customer to whom the member number belongs to. The customer is informed that their item has arrived and is ready to be shipped to them upon payment.


*Tenso member number example.


I did not mention in the last tutorial that the Tenso member number needed to be included in the address, however, it’s a simple fix, so don’t worry!



1. Log into your Tenso account:



2. COPY the information outlined in red in the image below. Be sure to copy the ENTIRE line. To do so, simply drag your mouse over the information and right-click “copy.” tenso 1


2. Open a new tab and go to:


3. Log in and click the button outlined in yellow in the image below:


2. Next, click on the button outlined in green in the image below:
* For my own privacy, my information has been blacked out.





3. Next, hightlight the information in the box containing your current address information (outlined in green in the image below – third white box up from the bottom) and right-click “PASTE.” You are copying and pasting your address from Tenso that includes your Tenso member number.




4. When you have pasted the information, your address should look like this:

* Box outlined in red is your Japanese address. The box outlined in green is your Tenso member number.



5. If it looks like the image above, please click on the red button on the lower right-hand side to SAVE your information.

NOTE: The dash “-” does need to be between the end of the address (the number “2” in the image above) and the beginning of the Tenso member number (the number “4” in the image above). So, the entire line should read EXACTLY: 東京都 足立区 千住曙町42-4 TS59197転送コム


And that’s it, you’re done!