HYBLOG – 11.29.2017



I’m having a very relaxing life everyday, recently.

Most of the work is [completed] sufficiently via email.

It’s a convenient world where you can work anywhere with WiFi.
Now, I mostly arrange the Black Mass songs and confirm the goods.
I am cured of the cough I had since I caught a cold in South America.
I started singing songs little by little.
I was a bit tired because of various things for the Black Mass, but it’s fulfilling.
I am looking forward to entertaining everyone.

A new “companion” has increased the morning coffee making.

“Pots that can set the temperature ~ ♪”

It came when I’d forgotten about it.
It took about half a year for it to reach crowdfunding.*

[You] set the temperature with the dial, then just press the button.
A convenient pot that can be made without having to measure the hot water for the coffee and at the proper temperature (now at 85 degrees Celsius).

Up until now, it was difficult to measure or set the thermometer properly, so I would adjust it by cooling the [water] down after boiling.
I thought that I was an analog human, but it seems like I like this sort of thing.
It might be enough for only snow countries to grind beans with a coffee mill.

There are talks about putting a capsule that makes the coffee with only one button, but that’s different.

I’d like to drink the real thing as easily as possible.

When I get up, I brew 2 cups of coffee in the coffee tumbler I bought in Seattle.
Regardless of the heat retention performance, I feel that the ceramic tumbler is more delicious.




Coffee set.

From the left, “Temperature control pot,” “Electric coffee mill,” “Drip server,” “Sealed coffee bean storage can.”**
Coffee tumbler in front.***

Well, I’ll have a cup of coffee today and send emails.


*NOTE: The coffee maker HYDE is referring to was recently made available through a “kickstarter” project.
**NOTE: The items in the photo are (from left), the Stagg EKGKalita NEXT G, and most likely a coffee bean storage can like this AirScape Large Stainless Steel Canister: click here

***NOTE: The tumbler is a Seattle Pike Place Ceramic Tumbler.