HYBLOG – 12.07.2017


About the break

I’m sorry for the big shock.

The new album response, and the increased quality of the lives [was a bit much],
I decided to take a break.

The members and the staff were [working together] enthusiastically,

But then there were some issues in the relationship, and I realized the best thing to do was take a “break.”

It was possible to take a break without announcing it,
But since I don’t know when we’ll resume, we thought it best to make a statement.

I did not plan to take the break until the arena [tour] was finished.

Although, it seems the solo calendar release comes at a “convenient” time and is a bit unusual,
I actually decided to do this back in September, since there is no L’Arc calendar. We began manufacturing the solo calendar.

At that time, VAMPS’ calendar was in production, but due to some difficulties, the calendar was suspended and production halted.

Thank you for supporting VAMPS so far. I am grateful.

I am sorry about this, but I was glad to have been able to create VAMPS.

I’m proud of the memories I made with everyone.

Next year, I will return to solo work and get a fresh start, continuing to move forward.

Please support me.