HYBLOG – 03.07.2018


This year’s annual solo event was held in Naeba.

Anyway, I turned over a new leaf!

I wanted to not only feel interesting, but artistic too.


For fans, it’s nice to have a live,
It is fundamental that everyone can easily enjoy it without hesitation

While maintaining the variety of the direction like past lives,
It’s good to put forth a theme and make it a cute project…

Since the event is at the hotel, the production will be more real…


Since the [hotel] is on a snowy mountain,
It’s like staying in the Overlook Hotel from the movie “The Shining,”
I like a little horror feeling.


But it’s not good to say that Overlook Hotel is a name,
[Because] there is a feeling of horror with the name itself, so the image of a snowy mountain on a t-shirt as a cute logo, will be good.

When I think about things like this, everything gets chaotic.





I don’t care if there’s a snow monster character~…


It seems like “where are the strange beasts”

I’d like a cute little character.



It can become a parka or
I wonder if it could be like a cute snowboarding team or something.

I also want there to be goods like hotel amenities.



Well then, I wonder if the performers could come out as employees of the hotel~?

MC Kuro is a manager as well.
The double suit he wore when he came to see Black Mass the other day was good.

YUKI seems to look good as a bellboy

ASH seems to be suited as a chef

Kiyoutake is a maid afterall~?


Although the [positions] seem filled,

What shall I do?

Is there anything that comes to mind?

It was unexpectedly difficult…

HYDE is an owner.

And I tried to make it a rich, flashy image.

I created a style like “Miwa Akihiro” *LOL*

The problem was then when TERU suddenly decided to come and play!

Although it’s a nice surprise, he doesn’t have a costume, *LOL*

Anyway, I got through the hurdles…. what shall I do next year?



The Naeba event is 6 years old now and is becoming more smooth,

More fun! Happy! As I thought this was a new beginning and staff trial and error.


ASH’s good reflexes and plenty of talking!

During the live, he worked hard on his harmony.


YUKI’s heartwarming talk and poor picture!

I was nervous about the live with one guitar.


Yutaka Kyan’s keen retort and variety experience response!

He’s an indispensible person at such times.


Kuro-chan’s moderation and character matched the setting.


And since TERU’s appearance was a surprise, his character naturally surprised me too.
The next day he also came as a surprise.
I’m happy to say that I want to go out next year, but there’s a also a band schedule and can’t overdo it *LOL*
I’m happy to wait anytime…


Many aspects of each artist that I can not usually see on the day, were seen

After a long absence, laughing and interaction with fans left a warm feeling in my stomach,


I myself also participated in this year’s snowboarding,
I enjoyed it very much as an extension of play.
I definitely want to open it at the end of winter.


If you like it


To our hotel


We’ll wait for you to come again.