HYDERoom Staff Diary – 05.07.18



HYDERoom Staff Diary – 05.07.2018

from JIN

*Original Japanese to Spanish translation by Danyciel Takarai.

May 2nd

And finally the 「HYDE ACOUSTIC CONCERT TOUR 2018 – BLACK MASS ASIA -」 has started, and with a load of foreign energy JIN, who hasn’t written to you since October of last year, writes to you this time for the HYDERoom STAFF DAIRY.

And because I am participating in the same position in which I participated in during the International VAMPS Tour, I took some time and I want to send you a report that closely follows HYDE’s activities. And since it is for HYDERoom, I wanted to send you a special report. I hope you like it.

On the first day of the Asia Tour, it was decided that preparations were to be made in advance when leaving the country, in addition to the rehearsal there.

There were many things that had to be changed after arriving at the venue, and being the first day, it was very busy, so the changes had to wait until later. I, who passed the hours, had not had so much tension since the beginning of the year, so then I infiltrated HYDEs’ dressing room. We entered the area after 10 of the 19 hours that had already passed, and now it was barely an hour before production.

And since it was during the makeup session, I furtively entered the room and after exchanging two or three things with Mane-san, I slowly approached HYDE, in a very casual manner.

Umm? I guess it’s because of the feeling of nervousness that he was beginning to feel, he had something around his shoulders. And as if it were the moment before the examination of the matter in which we are weakest, it seemed that he wanted to separate that kind of reluctance with that thing on his shoulders thinking: “Even if it was not a serious situation, like those that are presented as a different situation in life, I want to do this if I can evade it… ”




(Could it be that you’re trying to tell us you’re tense by showing that thing on your shoulders?)

If we assume that of HYDE, why is it that he feels that way?

And it was when he finished the makeup and went to sit on the sofa, that he established the reason for it.

He opened his personal computer and the voice that flowed from the iPhone application… It sounded like Chinese (Mandarin).

He was practicing the MC in the local language!

And he began to practice saying: “The pronunciation of Chinese is difficult ~!”.




(Isn’t that what you mean when your expression looks so complicated?)

But even if it looks so complicated, he does not stop being a handsome man.

And will the presentation in which we meet this time be the fruit of your practice?

One way or another is a path, but in short, one part has a different pattern.

…When you ask everyone in the room if it’s “Wuu? Woo?” all will answer at the same time, but if hundreds of people start talking at the same time, obviously it will be impossible to hear the subtle pronunciation of the word.

「Wii? Wee?」「Woo!」「U?」(*HYDE’s pronounciation)

Give it your best!

Although, we will change the expressions of the MC’s script tomorrow!



May 3rd

Last night there were a lot of comments with bloody characters (*He’s referring to the Twitter function in which you can write letters that look like they’re made with blood) from a lot of HYDEIST, but then I went to eat delicious Chinese food and drink Shaoxing wine with total happiness, so I only knew that much, but the next day when I got to the area, I started to follow up on the events on Twitter.

And apparently HYDE came back to the hotel and said he drank vodka with soda that he had ordered, in order to absorb the Chinese language.

A few days ago, at the end of the rehearsal in Tokyo, I had drunk with HYDE until we couldn’t anymore, as we hadn’t done in a long time, and he said: “Lately, I’ve only been drinking vodka”, and apparently that taste hasn’t changed, not even here in China. The vodka… of this place is a drink still unknown to me.

And today is the second day, which will be calmer compared to yesterday, but we are still attacked by all the things that we must adjust in each accumulated area, while we are being chased by the time at which the concert should start. And today too, it was an hour before the concert began, when I infiltrated the dressing room.

And as expected, he was practicing Chinese, while the scattered papers of MC scripts were more organized and proportionate than yesterday.

Suddenly, looking at the corner where the wardrobe is, you can see the traditional rocker-style clothes, contrasted with formal clothes.

And he said: “You can make hundreds of combinations with these clothes”, but he himself looked insecure when he had to consider the hats, gloves, T-shirts and besides, all those things that aren’t even seen, and I think it isn’t necessary to do it. Ok, I’m just kidding (XD).

Well, there may not be so many combinations, but there are three huge suitcases only with HYDE’s wardrobe, which came after the luggage and as part of his outfits.




(Well, the contents of today have to do with the clothing set-up!)

Inquiring into the fashion that HYDE has in mind.




(If all is well, then my work of voyeur begins!)

However, he suddenly discovered me and said “Hey, wait!” And he let me in.

“I’m not happy with this row of clothes, if I show this to the fans as it is… maybe so…” And then HYDE began to change the arrangement of the suits. I failed in my mission as a voyeur, but here are some photos of the clothing line that he ordered and that convinced him that looked good.




And taking advantage of the situation, I also included a photo of the hat and gloves.

So we decided to go to the stage of the second day of the concert!





May 4th

And how about we go sightseeing in Shanghai on our day off? …Even though none of them had anything particular in mind, the staff that liked Mickey said: “It seems that the Pirates of the Caribbean part of Shanghai is wonderful…” and with that, HYDE simply got excited.

We know that he passed himself off as Captain Jack Sparrow when he disguised himself, but we were going to go only for reasons of attraction… we had that clear, at least to some degree, but the persuasive power of the word “wonderful” was not trivial.

And quickly we set up the “Shanghai Disneyland coverage team”.

So I will also write the details of the total coverage, since I would like to make a special emphasis on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” in HYDERoom because of its charm.




(Rock star celebrating before getting on).

Although many already know it, the traditional “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride is a relatively calm attraction.

At Tokyo Disneyland, in the beginning, there is a rock and then a drop where the boat moves slowly towards a waterfall, while you can have fun watching a group of animated dolls (Animatronics).

The beginning of “Pirates of the Caribbean” in Shanghai had the same sensation as that of Tokyo. But at first, we felt the incompatibility in the moment that Jack Sparrow came out. And due to the channel the boat turned and the back part was ahead. Waaaaaa! When I thought: There is not a big difference with the “*It’s A Small World”, but the vehicles and the movement are different! We started moving from top to bottom! It was like the unfolding of the film as well as if we were sailing in the ocean on a pirate ship in the middle of a battle, and in that we ran into a surprise, we moved from left to right! (*”It’s A Small World,” is a boat ride attraction at Disneyland with the theme of “world peace”)

The 3D mapping was combined with the CG (Computer Graphics) and a gigantic set, and even with the animatronics, the CG was projected only on the side of the faces as holograms, which tells me that the progress of the technology is considerable. And all the adjustments were beautifully synchronized. The visual effects were truly wonderful, since it did not interfere at all with the feeling of “I am here” and “I am having a personal experience”. (*He means that the effects were so real, that he felt like they were actually in the movie)

And HYDE’s and my reactions at the time of the production of the waves was absolutely “Wonderful!” each time.

We felt a thousand endorphins, and we got goosebumps, and with a smile from ear to ear we shouted: “Wonderful!” “Supeeer!” “Iiinnncredibleeeee!”…

And if I remember correctly, I think it was the same sensation I had during my first experience at Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” in Tokyo.

However, if one repeats and repeats the ride, without realizing this, it is like “confirmation” of the following thought: “Since I like it so much and it is my favorite attraction, I want to see it too.”

And it’s just fun, but when you’re faced with an unfamiliar situation, you’re deeply moved because that moment is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, something that can not be replaced anywhere else.

But we had to return to the real world of peace and tranquility, and we took a break in a restaurant, and again it was a moment to share our emotion commenting: “It really was wonderful!”




(The Rock star that can’t contain his emotions)

And then the topic became the trilogy of the movies, and we never tire of talking about the costume he used for the Halloween Party.

And after a little over an hour talking with enthusiasm, HYDE suddenly said a few simple words…

“Let’s go one more time”

And in the second boat today we had to go to the front, in the first seats!

I saw that familiar expression on our faces the moment the photograph was taken!




From JIN

FIN (The End)