HYDERoom Staff Diary – 06.01.18



HYDERoom Staff Diary – 06.01.2018

Malaysia ~ Taiwan
from JIN

*Original Japanese to Spanish translation by Danyciel Takarai.

May 12th

And Malaysia is the first site where most of the staff was removed. There were many people who went to Singapore, but that is a different country from Malaysia (although it was originally the same country, but became independent).

And I was not very aware that we were close to the Equator line. In short it is hot. More than “warm,” this place is “hot.” And this type of feeling must activate all kinds of strategies. That is, people begin to prepare their coats. That’s right, even if you can not believe it, the interiors of this warm country are quite cold. If only one shirt is worn, one freezes. And there were many Japanese people who were having whose nerves were stressed because of that temperature difference.




Today’s venue is the MCA HALL.
It is the smallest of the venues of the Asia Tour, but in terms of its status, this is a splendid place with a structure that has two stories. And I was the one who noticed that, on these two occasions, the performances of the members had improved moderately, after we left the past places, however it seems that HYDE is still pursuing something else.

On this tour, Hyde gave a somewhat nervous speech in the last Hong Kong live.

“This was the only day in which I think the acoustic performance has progressed”

I do not know what was the exact intention with those words, but I think it was a proactive mechanism on the HYDE’s part so that this tour continues to improve.

Classical music is universal and in no way would it improve if one thinks in a common way. Since it’s a genre in which the melody is expected to go in perfect harmony with the lyrics.

And I can perceive in the air the “answer” to that expectation, although perhaps that expression is not the correct one.

However, HYDE’s music has gone through a wide variety of experiences, and has constantly changed without those answers, I suppose what he does is improve is pointing to “the answer that is expected.”

However, it is difficult for a musician to express the connotation of the letters he carries in his heart.

HYDE continued to change his way of singing in each moment and situation, and has continued in his attempt that this occasionally emotionally moves people and makes their hearts beat.

And I can always feel that, somehow, he has been fighting alone.
However, members of the acoustic band seem to have become sensitive to HYDE’s changes. And on each occasion after the shows we talk with the members so that our conviction deepens.

The scores of chamber music are absolute. However, the margin of interpretation remains. They are maintaining the same interpretation as they go in the direction of the evolution line with HYDE.

And I wonder if HYDE feels that flexible attitude in them.
Then we went out to meet the live in Malaysia.
I am sure that today’s concert will be something different!
HYDE made his faltering appearance in the food catering room an hour before the live, while hiding his expectation and mental stress, and began to eat and eat saying, “I do not know what it is, but it looks delicious.”

Eh? Somehow it seems to be exceeding expectations…




And the live in Malaysia was the most powerful in terms of the emotion of the audience, as well as the greatness of the songs on this tour.


May 14th

The venue is the Plenary Hall. This is the largest of this Asia Tour, it is huge and even more beautiful than the Japan International Forum and Orchard Hall.
Looking at the steps from the stage, you can get a wonderful view, but at the same time it conveys a sense of mystery and oppression.




And on the final day, at last a spirit of emotion took part of him, of the members, and the staff, personally and that is when the good times were finally fun.

By the way, at the Beijing live, Hyde planned a kind of trick to surprise us (he put sushi on the string equipment chairs when they went on stage) and has since continued to do so.

In Hong Kong, they were barbecued pork loaves that had been offered to us and we had eaten together, in Malaysia we put something called petit boom “that was a kind of popcorn that looked more like bird food” inside the dressing room as a joke. On that occasion the girls did not stop laughing and smiling, that’s why here in our last destination called Taiwan we hope he tries something again in that same prankster nature.

But this time what was on the chairs on the stage were… bouquets of flowers!
What an ostentatious thing!

And although we expected it to be an extreme joke with the “Xiaolongbao*” (*A kind of steamed dumpling stuffed with a dough similar to bread) and the “Chòu dòufu*” (*“Stinky tofu” is a Chinese form of fermented tofu that has a strong odor), wasn’t this a very nice surprise?




More than that, was something as intriguing as these bouquets necessary? Wow!

Even for people around the world who could not come to this venue today, I tried to set up a small part of the live from a different angle.

And to fulfill the requirement that HYDE has to obtain and transmit a beautiful angle of the stage, the staff ran in the middle of the night to a night market to buy a smartphone tripod. However, would it arrive on time? 30 minutes of the live have already been lost!

But it arrived on time.




The last concert would start solemnly.

And I tried to interview him just before the live. Finally, I wanted to investigate what had been worrying me for a long time, so I used it as a topic, and since he was kind enough to hear me, our conversation will be in a formal style.

J (Jin): This Asian Tour is done without using the Iyamoni*, and instead using the Air, what is the reason for that?
(*Note: “Iyamoni” is the abbreviation for the intraauricular monitors that combines hearing aids and ear plugs, it is basically a hearing aid used in concerts and that has a high sound quality, the “Air” refers to the atmosphere, but in this context refers to hearing the step marking on the monitor of the speakers without using the Iyamoni and only using one’s ear)

H (HYDE): As I had thought, it feels very good for the one who sings with such only heard in the Air. I know that for those who sing using the iyamoni it is easier to sing and it has its advantages, but this is different from a rock concert since the stage is not an explosion of sounds where there are many limitations, so in that situation one sings freely. And I think it’s okay to give priority to the ways of singing that are simpler by making them yourself.

J: How do you explain that although the Iamoni method makes singing easier, the Air feels better?

H: To some degree, with the iyamoni, I hear my own sound, and thanks to that it is possible to do something delicate. And I think it’s feasible for the first time since Iyamoni’s invention that the correct way to express myself is: “I can sing in a whisper within an explosive sound,” that’s how I can interpret freely within VAMPS and L’Arc~en~Ciel. There is an advantage in leaving out all the noise, but it’s like a double-edged sword because it also blocks the response of the audience and the feeling that you have in the Air, and the best thing is that the range of the sound is completely different. Since the Iamoni is a hearing aid itself, and if you think about it, it is easy to understand that in a certain way it feels good to listen to music with headphones or listen to it on a big speaker.

J: I see, the explanation is very easy to understand, but is it not surprising that you return to the Air after a long time of not doing it?

H: Surely it will change the way I hear the sound just by moving from the position I’m standing in. To be honest, when you move around the back of the stage there are a lot of sounds that can barely be heard, so I prefer to believe, “Well, it’s a concert, right?” and that includes that kind of thing, and if I think about it, that was natural 15 years ago. Tokyo Dome or another large stage without the Iyamoni, surely it would have been impossible.

J: If you look at the images of that time, surely now you will devote all your energy to concentrate on the speakers (XD)

H: It’s like I want to breathe and there’s no air. With the repercussion of the exterior sound of the places where there is no monitor, the sound diminishes completely. Because the sound of my singing voice is delayed by 1 second.

J: Doing that was a sublime experience, wasn’t it?

H: Yes, but I realized that my skills have improved compared to those days. As I sang well, I did not feel that any problem was taking place, since I endured them and with the presence of the Air, I had a lot of fun and had a genuine feeling of wellness.

J: And when in the future you return to Rock, do you plan to return to Air?

H: Of course not. Because you can not make a delicate musical expression with the Air in an explosive atmosphere, besides that I must always sing with a strong voice, because of that I have not been able to interpret the songs from before.

J: Sure, thanks for the easy to understand explanations, and I really am very grateful to the responses to the concerns I had since the end of last year.


….Yes, yes, I know it was a specialized subject, but I think knowing that I was able to have an exchange of words with him that way was very good.

HYDE’s ideas are always clear and simple.

Adjusting to his style, for him it is easy to change by himself, regardless of the type of clothes, they way he dresses immediately and for him, that is so natural.

And finally, something that everyone will be able to enjoy.
Since we heard a beautiful story before the concert, we will surely be able to enjoy this last live with very deep feelings, right? Since among you, some are amateurs.

Having heard a talk like that, you absolutely can not make a mistake in today’s live. For those of us who always work from behind the scenes, there could not be a better “motivation switch” than that.

The final concert of this Asian Tour of six lives was a complete success.
And again looking like Jekyll and Hyde, we also saw a Dark HYDE again.

So I want to finish the International Staff Diary by sending an image that will not be seen again for a long time.




From JIN


HYDERoom Staff Diary – 05.16.18



HYDERoom Staff Diary – 05.16.2018

Hong Kong
from JIN

*Original Japanese to Spanish translation by Danyciel Takarai.

May 16th

Today’s venue in Hong Kong is the STAR HALL in the Kowloon District.
It is a large enclosure that is located inside a modern shopping mall, which is different to the precincts of Shanghai and Beijing which had a strong sense of history.

And we are venturing into the second part of this Tour in Asia, in which the events have passed as well as the days.
And seeing his schedule, there will not be a day off for HYDE-san.
The promotions and interviews are packed, so there will be no space for walks.
What a problem.

I’m in charge of planning the fun we’ll have together, but we’re full of situations where I can not interfere, but I still had to write this diary!

It was critical! But, here is the HYDERoom Staff diary!

For that reason I have decided to transmit those things that pressed us and focus on the issues that happened during and after Hong Kong.
So far I have been analyzing the responses to diarys and other things, and until now there have been unexpected sections with great reactions, and I thought “This is not different from approval” so I emitted great self-confidence, but in the things that are supposed to be the most valuable, “The answers are weak!”

That’s why there will be parts that show the wonderful behavior, actions, and the discussions of HYDE, and even the absurd moments, that’s why basically they will not be ficitious information (sometimes I’ll speak very little) so I’ll do it in simple, easy to understand, sentences.

And something that for me is difficult to do is… shall I say, “Take pictures.”
There are times when I run into a common rule that says: “It is forbidden to take photos of artists in such a carefree way,” and it is just in those instances that they abruptly tell me: “Please take lots of pictures” that’s why I almost can’t photograph anything, of course I ask myself, “Hey, is that okay?”

And HYDE had an expression of discomfort on his face from the beginning after expressing an “Eh?,” then pose for the photo, but lately and as expected of him, he has become able to be photographed very naturally and experienced, however in essence, I have not stopped feeling a slight feeling of nervousness, so I have not been able to erase the thoughts of: “I’m behaving like a snoop” or “Excuse me.”

It is not necessary to say that since the theme of the photographs is the same, it has become as if it were a kind of painting. So should I walk with the camera hanging on my arm like a photographer? And although it may seem like an illusion, he has a natural expression and one that he uses when posing for the photo and that is how I have a number of photos that look professional quality. For example?




In addition, the presence that was established by taking the photos from a later perspective made him look like an out-of-the-ordinary rockstar.




However, I think that these photographs would have been even more of a wonderful quality if you had added the skills of a professional cameraman in addition to the techniques that are required.

And doesn’t the staff have a large-caliber weapon? That feeling of: “Anyway, you are close to him.”

And if I approached him in a range of 10 cm, it would be possible to take a series of macro shots in a very close range, and if you do not have those special zoom lenses that the professional cameramen have, then I have no another option but to get too close, which is quite rude and even daring, however that is practical now.




And I took a picture behind him while he was checking something on his iPhone during his makeup session. (XD)

With the previous photo in the dressing room, there was a great response, and they murmured, “I thought he was a prince of some country,” because by only “taking a photo very close,” I think I can convey how the material that he is using feels.

We are in “Portrait Mode” of the iPhoneX, with which even amateurs can take photos easily as with a simple camera reflex.




And this messy table with all kinds of things like gifts, coffee, water and his contact lenses case brings us completely to the real world.

I wonder if choosing the necessary information, the genre of the documentation and the sense of reality in the photographs will make this diary completely different.




Finding an interval of free time, he began to design something?

After finishing his makeup and hairstyle, it’s time to choose his wardrobe.

HYDE was deciding what to wear today, however how will he feel now?

It seems that the choice of clothes will change depending on the atmosphere of the venue and in addition to his own mental tension, but he has changed clothes so many times because it is difficult for him to choose.

Naturally, the fact that the change of clothes in the dressing room is repeated again and again, for us is a “familiar scene”… But as something that pressures me, I took a photograph of that moment so it seems to be a scandalaous behavioural act, click.




No, no, no, I do not intend to provoke a fight, or boast of anything… (XD).


From JIN


HYDERoom Staff Diary – 05.05.18



HYDERoom Staff Diary – 05.05.2018

from JIN

*Original Japanese to Spanish translation by Danyciel Takarai.

May 5th

And we travelled from Shanghai to Beijing on the Chinese bullet train! This is perhaps the most intense movement with “On the road feeling” that we will have on our Asia Tour.

And it was enjoyed by the members, as well as by the Staff.
Of course I took a picture from this angle of HYDE, as promised.
Since when it comes to guys, the photo of the “Bullet Train and one with the couple” is essential.




The station of this bullet train is very similar to ours, but the services offered by the train are similar to those of an airplane.

The passport must be confirmed at the door, where the tickets are verified, as well as the name of each one must be written on the ticket.
Also, inside we had the service of the food cart that we rented with sweets and water.

And we toast with the stage director, who by the way is my namesake, with some beers and some snacks that we bought at the station.
This is how the bullet train essentially became a pub, but then, this is the correct way in which one must travel within the world of music.

On the other hand, HYDE… had a “Special Seat” even more special than ours in first class!

And he said “Waaaaaaa, it’s a totally reclined seat!,” And being very happy, he laid down completely horizontal.

Then, in complete silence… he went to sleep. How fast!





In the end, Hyde did not get up once from there until we got to Beijing.

In a way it seems to be a waste of space, but it also has a very modern meaning of luxury…

And he said “I would have liked to see the landscape,” But you were asleep so you would not have seen it anyway, right? (XD)

On the other hand, I had a drink, so I did not take any naps & I could contemplate the landscape from the window, and that is how I saw everything was rural, however when we got closer to Beijing everything began to cloud and the visibility became almost impossible.

And although there were various rumors about Beijing, the first thing that came to my mind was: “Air pollution.” And when I saw the the weather app on my iPhone, the “Air Quality Index” appears and this information is between the name of the city where you are and the temperature, which indicated: “Serious Pollution.” Hey! It can’t be!




And suddenly a lot of foreign people appeared wearing masks because of the concern for pollution, and the first thing that we Japanese do is put on a mask, so it is weird to see others wearing them, but this is not our country so we were surprised seeing other people wear masks.

We also care about the quality of the air during our way to the hotel once we arrive at the station.

The scene was so unusual, that it looked as if the white fluff of dandelions floated in the air throughout the city.

And it was on the second day that these took the form of a large white cloud of cotton.


May 6th

But the next day, that is, the day of the live, the weather was good. And in the venue: “BJ-EXPO Theater,” which is a large amphitheater, the air quality improved and changed to: “Light level of Pollution”. And the place has a sublime appearance, the ceiling design of the auditorium is impressive and beautiful. It does not look like it’s going to be a live, but rather a [orchestral] concert, so the atmosphere became tense.

For lunch, the catering was a Japanese menu that always fills us with inspiration.


A week after leaving Japan, our desire for Japanese food was increasing… Ummm? Now that I see it well, it seems that sushi is different every so often.
What is this? Takowasa?* (*Raw octopus seasoned with wasabi), corn? And * Chanja?* (*Korean spicy, marinated cod innards seasoned with soy sauce and sesame) and also several unknown ingredients, in addition there is a kind of orange paste that is not part the rest [of the food], but was on top of the gunkanmaki* (*Gunkanmaki is sushi shaped as an oval shape, wrapped with a narrow piece of Nori sheet (seaweed) and toppings are added on top, usually Ikura (salmon roe).), but what made us tremble was the color of the wasabi!

It looked like a sticky toothpaste, and it has an incredibly green color, which even looks chemical.

And we were warned, saying “Even the taste seems different,” when our guitarist YUKI took that fluorescent wasabi and ate it all at once, it was when a tragedy occurred.

And with an expression of pain he began to cough, showing great agony, apparently this wasabi was 10 times more spicy than usual. And Hyde likes wasabi, which means that among all the Japanese people who were there, he was the one who sacrificed himself. Your sacrifice will not be in vain! Yuki-kun!




Although we were in the room where the catering served that awful food, HYDE was working in the dressing room right then and there.
He did not even know what happened, however the ropes team was worried and said, “Will HYDE-san not have lunch?” And then Mane-san said “Please, if you want, give me this sushi.” He said it like a feeling of kindness? So we entrusted him with that weird sushi and wasabi.

And when HYDE saw the sushi, for a moment he put on a happy expression like “Oh!” however, he would soon realize that it was a strange sushi.
Surely this can be strange in many ways. But he realized something and then he smiled mockingly and whispered something secretly in Mane’s ear.
…And the live began. As soon as the stage lights went out, “UNEXPECTED,” the instrumental version began to flow.

It was a sacred beginning, full of majesty.
And the strings section was on the stage from the left when they noticed an incident. There was something about one of the chairs. And there was one of the transparent containers where that strange sushi was served, and on the cover HYDE wrote something with a marker.

“I’m not hungry”
And inside that sacred beginning and full of majesty, at the back of the stage was the violnist Higashiyama-san, who did not stop laughing.



Caption: “I’m not hungry – HYDE”





May 7th

And how do we spend our day off here in Beijing, the capital of China full of stories? If one drives for about 2 hours, one arrives at the world landmark known as “The Great Wall of China,” and as expected, it was a bit far. Today there are a lot of local audiovisual promotions, also, tomorrow we had to make the contract with the catering again and we had a tight schedule, so we are going to enjoy tourism at all costs in the city.

Today, the city of Beijing also has that air that seems to have cotton fluff. And as I was worried, so I started to investigate and apparently in April and May, the Willow trees are wrapped in this material, it is something characteristic of this time of year in Beijing. Although I was relieved that it was not the chemical component that I imagined, does that not bring secondary health problems with pollen, like in Japan? I’m going to get more into the matter.

And, here we have good news! It is possible to look at the Forbidden City, which is supposed to be closed today, but they will give us a private access!
By the way, the Forbidden City is registered as a landmark. The last time special arrangements were made was for us to have VIP passes at Disneyland in Shanghai! Since of course, being next to a great rock star, I can have many valuable experiences, and I humbly think that this is more like an “extra bonus.”
The first thing we did was to walk along a very long corridor surrounded by walls.




And although it seems strange, I wanted to take pictures of this curious place, what would be interpreted as taking a picture no matter what you do… and the same scenery continued for a long moment without changes.

And HYDE murmured: “It does not matter how much we walk… this is long,” but it was not impossible either. And we could see the end in the distance, but we could not get close to the corners, so mentally it was as if by walking, we were sightseeing in one way or another, right?




Finally we stopped walking and arrived at a desired corner, and we turned around and then… oooh! The scenery changed!
However, the left side of the wall is the same landscape, although the width between the walls seemed wider, in reality the “peripheral view” did not change.




“Well, maybe we’re walking in circles?” We said, getting anxious, and then we started to feel disappointed. And then I found out that the part that was rented was only the peripheral circumference area, so “We can not go beyond here.” What a disgrace!
And then HYDE got annoyed and said, “Ehhhhh!” as he laid back.




And although I tried to forcibly change the route, we returned at the beginning walking the same distance but everywhere it was the same scenery.

After, HYDE drank the specialty of a coffee shop as we went on our break, this coffee was called “carbonated coffee” and he drank it saying, “Maybe there won’t be a second chance, right?” Oh oh, why is it that the weather on our rest day looks gloomy?

On the other hand, we went to the famous “Tiananmen Square,” and because the surroundings were full of cars and for the safety of the citizens, I wanted to take a picture but I was immediately stopped by some very strict officers. So I could not take the commemorative photo since it could only be seen from inside the car, so we had to eat something fast inside it. Oops.

After lunch we explored a night market without really knowing anything about it, so we could take a look at the beautiful side of Beijing, which made our day of rest really come to an end, full of fun.

Tomorrow we will go to Hong Kong!




From JIN