HYDERoom Staff Diary – 05.16.18



HYDERoom Staff Diary – 05.16.2018

Hong Kong
from JIN

*Original Japanese to Spanish translation by Danyciel Takarai.

May 16th

Today’s venue in Hong Kong is the STAR HALL in the Kowloon District.
It is a large enclosure that is located inside a modern shopping mall, which is different to the precincts of Shanghai and Beijing which had a strong sense of history.

And we are venturing into the second part of this Tour in Asia, in which the events have passed as well as the days.
And seeing his schedule, there will not be a day off for HYDE-san.
The promotions and interviews are packed, so there will be no space for walks.
What a problem.

I’m in charge of planning the fun we’ll have together, but we’re full of situations where I can not interfere, but I still had to write this diary!

It was critical! But, here is the HYDERoom Staff diary!

For that reason I have decided to transmit those things that pressed us and focus on the issues that happened during and after Hong Kong.
So far I have been analyzing the responses to diarys and other things, and until now there have been unexpected sections with great reactions, and I thought “This is not different from approval” so I emitted great self-confidence, but in the things that are supposed to be the most valuable, “The answers are weak!”

That’s why there will be parts that show the wonderful behavior, actions, and the discussions of HYDE, and even the absurd moments, that’s why basically they will not be ficitious information (sometimes I’ll speak very little) so I’ll do it in simple, easy to understand, sentences.

And something that for me is difficult to do is… shall I say, “Take pictures.”
There are times when I run into a common rule that says: “It is forbidden to take photos of artists in such a carefree way,” and it is just in those instances that they abruptly tell me: “Please take lots of pictures” that’s why I almost can’t photograph anything, of course I ask myself, “Hey, is that okay?”

And HYDE had an expression of discomfort on his face from the beginning after expressing an “Eh?,” then pose for the photo, but lately and as expected of him, he has become able to be photographed very naturally and experienced, however in essence, I have not stopped feeling a slight feeling of nervousness, so I have not been able to erase the thoughts of: “I’m behaving like a snoop” or “Excuse me.”

It is not necessary to say that since the theme of the photographs is the same, it has become as if it were a kind of painting. So should I walk with the camera hanging on my arm like a photographer? And although it may seem like an illusion, he has a natural expression and one that he uses when posing for the photo and that is how I have a number of photos that look professional quality. For example?




In addition, the presence that was established by taking the photos from a later perspective made him look like an out-of-the-ordinary rockstar.




However, I think that these photographs would have been even more of a wonderful quality if you had added the skills of a professional cameraman in addition to the techniques that are required.

And doesn’t the staff have a large-caliber weapon? That feeling of: “Anyway, you are close to him.”

And if I approached him in a range of 10 cm, it would be possible to take a series of macro shots in a very close range, and if you do not have those special zoom lenses that the professional cameramen have, then I have no another option but to get too close, which is quite rude and even daring, however that is practical now.




And I took a picture behind him while he was checking something on his iPhone during his makeup session. (XD)

With the previous photo in the dressing room, there was a great response, and they murmured, “I thought he was a prince of some country,” because by only “taking a photo very close,” I think I can convey how the material that he is using feels.

We are in “Portrait Mode” of the iPhoneX, with which even amateurs can take photos easily as with a simple camera reflex.




And this messy table with all kinds of things like gifts, coffee, water and his contact lenses case brings us completely to the real world.

I wonder if choosing the necessary information, the genre of the documentation and the sense of reality in the photographs will make this diary completely different.




Finding an interval of free time, he began to design something?

After finishing his makeup and hairstyle, it’s time to choose his wardrobe.

HYDE was deciding what to wear today, however how will he feel now?

It seems that the choice of clothes will change depending on the atmosphere of the venue and in addition to his own mental tension, but he has changed clothes so many times because it is difficult for him to choose.

Naturally, the fact that the change of clothes in the dressing room is repeated again and again, for us is a “familiar scene”… But as something that pressures me, I took a photograph of that moment so it seems to be a scandalaous behavioural act, click.




No, no, no, I do not intend to provoke a fight, or boast of anything… (XD).


From JIN