HYDERoom Staff Diary – 03.18.18


VAMPS fan club event usually known as “VAMPADDICT -WINTER-” each year, but this year, for the first time, it is held as a HYDE solo fan club event in Naeba!

Entitled, “HYDERoom presents SNOW MONSTER HOTEL 2018!”

What’s that! As HYDE wrote the blog about the result of various problems, he thought about trying the theme of a horror hotel! So we steadily prepared for HYDE’s idea.

Arriving at Naeba a little early, [HYDE] immediately left for the slopes~!

During a break, [he] decides on what to eat at the food court..




The fans wouldn’t expect him to come to a common place such as a food court,
And no one recognized him (*LOL*)

Eventually, he lost to the temptation of miso ramen.

And rehearsals for the performance were planned around the evening at the venue, so YUKI and ASH were called by saying, “Okay in the room” and they started practicing in the room [to be used] for the waiting room.

This time YUKI played the guitar and ASH participated in the chorus, and HYDE sang as the trio formed together.

They were practicing as three people with perfect, raw sounds with no microphone.




After that, we all headed for dinner!

Speaking of Niigata sake!

While delightfully enjoying sake,

TERU of GLAY joined us!!!!

How luxurious of a feast it is

[There was] so much excitement that TERU [and HYDE] drew portraits of each other with an app!



“In the event we have a picture-drawing corner…”

TERU: “Oh, it’s fun! I want to go too!”

So, it was a rushed decision for TERU to join the event!!! (*LOL*)

The next morning, everyone gathered and headed for the slopes!




Well, here’s a problem!
Who is in this photo?

From the left:
DJ レフティ (Lefy – aka “@LeftyMonsterP” on Twitter), ASH, HYDE, TERU, Yutaka Kyan, YUKI, Pele Kusuda (friendship appearance)

Was ~

Or perhaps I should say, they could just not stay, playing

[They had to] finish the rehersal, change clothes, and the event starts!

But then an emergency situation hit!

I was asked by Mr. Kuro-chan, who had a beard as a prop, but the adhesion was weak, so an announcement was made

[The beard] is ruined, so it must be removed…

“Ok, I’ll draw it~” said HYDE who drew the beard.



As one would expect HYDE,

[Used] permanent marker! (*LOL*)

That’s how the event started!

[The event] started like the horror movie “The Shining.”




This is the image of the members, but it’s actually an altered image,

Actually, various parts [of the photo] are altered and collaged together.

Kuro-chan’s swept back hair is taken from DiCaprio’s head (*LOL*)


The performers are set as characters that are employees of the SNOW MONSTER HOTEL.

Manager: Kuro-chan
Bellboy: YUKI
Maid: Yutaka Kyan
Owner: HYDE

Everyone’s [role] is well suited!




By the way, special surpise guest TERU also appears!!




I thought he was joking at the table when they were drinking,
I did not think he’d truly come out….!!

TERU is a “guest” who came to stay at the hotel,

It’s supposed to be hospitable, but he became involved in a punishment game for some reason…. (*LOL*)

In the drawing event, YUKI demonstrated a wonderful talent.

For the punishment game, YUKI impersonated Chumimi Blouson* (comedic actress)….




with B, TERU, and HYDE, is it not risky!?

TERU participated in two games – “Picture drawing word game*” (*word game in which the players must give a word starting with the last syllable of the word given by the previous player) and “Musician rating check!”

After the evented ended, they toasted while watching the fireworks from atop the slopes ♪




Day 1 of the Naeba event is not finished yet!

At the night’s DJ event, everyone at SNOW MONSTER HOTEL is drunk and excitment runs through an exciting place!!

TERU and Pele Kusuda who came as guests also came together to the event!




The party continued until late even after the DJ event ended….

Well, our hotel employees had been drinking until late,
Said “I’m hungover” while heading down the slopes in the morning.




Moreover, they all wore matching SNOW MONSTERS parkas!!

Everyone is well-suited

T-shirts and parkas of the event
“If everyone at the hotel is wearing them, then I can identify the SNOW MONSTERS team”
HYDE thought as he designed the items.

HYDE is also watching the slopes.

TERU who appeared on the first day was scheduled to return the second day too!

The SNOW MONSTERS team was united on the second day,
Before the event, they formed a circle of hands (*LOL*)





At the rating corner on the first day, everyone who is supposed to be a leading musician made a lot of mistakes,

On the second day, the results were also disasterous with challenges such as sake tasting and bass sound listening….

By the way, on the second day, HYDE held onto the third-class musician spot,
On the first day, he got the result of “fake musician.” (*LOL*)




After much laughter in the game, everyone is ready for a live!

This time,
Since it’s winter, the song “winterfall”
[Then] HYDE sang for the first time live “KISS OF DEATH”
“BLESS” he wanted to sing while watching the Pyeonchang Olympics.
The three songs were delivered.




The event of three hours with laughter and tears for two days was successfully completed.

Then, on the second day, the DJ event burst into
GLAY’s “Yuuwaku” and L’Arc’s “HONEY” as people sang enthusiastically!!




The two-day DJ event also ended successfully,
The next morning, HYDE watched the finale of this year’s Naeba event as well!

Although, it rained the next morning unfornately,
Many people still gathered on the slopes.

This year’s slopes event was had a limited time and place, so if you were at the right place at the right time, you would be able to encounter HYDE, 100%!

But, your cooperation is also necessary!

Although, the place was designated in order for everything to be carried out safely for HYDE (and others), so thanks to everyone for following the rules and awaiting for HYDE’s handshake.




We also received tremendous cooperation from the staff at Naeba Ski Resport.
Thank you very much!

With this, SNOW MONSTER HOTEL 2018 has successfully ended!

Thank you very much to everyone who stayed at our hotel!

Every year, we like to spend the end of winter with you,
We’ll do our best to be able to operate again next year.

We look forward to seeing you come again!




HYBLOG – 03.07.2018


This year’s annual solo event was held in Naeba.

Anyway, I turned over a new leaf!

I wanted to not only feel interesting, but artistic too.


For fans, it’s nice to have a live,
It is fundamental that everyone can easily enjoy it without hesitation

While maintaining the variety of the direction like past lives,
It’s good to put forth a theme and make it a cute project…

Since the event is at the hotel, the production will be more real…


Since the [hotel] is on a snowy mountain,
It’s like staying in the Overlook Hotel from the movie “The Shining,”
I like a little horror feeling.


But it’s not good to say that Overlook Hotel is a name,
[Because] there is a feeling of horror with the name itself, so the image of a snowy mountain on a t-shirt as a cute logo, will be good.

When I think about things like this, everything gets chaotic.





I don’t care if there’s a snow monster character~…


It seems like “where are the strange beasts”

I’d like a cute little character.



It can become a parka or
I wonder if it could be like a cute snowboarding team or something.

I also want there to be goods like hotel amenities.



Well then, I wonder if the performers could come out as employees of the hotel~?

MC Kuro is a manager as well.
The double suit he wore when he came to see Black Mass the other day was good.

YUKI seems to look good as a bellboy

ASH seems to be suited as a chef

Kiyoutake is a maid afterall~?


Although the [positions] seem filled,

What shall I do?

Is there anything that comes to mind?

It was unexpectedly difficult…

HYDE is an owner.

And I tried to make it a rich, flashy image.

I created a style like “Miwa Akihiro” *LOL*

The problem was then when TERU suddenly decided to come and play!

Although it’s a nice surprise, he doesn’t have a costume, *LOL*

Anyway, I got through the hurdles…. what shall I do next year?



The Naeba event is 6 years old now and is becoming more smooth,

More fun! Happy! As I thought this was a new beginning and staff trial and error.


ASH’s good reflexes and plenty of talking!

During the live, he worked hard on his harmony.


YUKI’s heartwarming talk and poor picture!

I was nervous about the live with one guitar.


Yutaka Kyan’s keen retort and variety experience response!

He’s an indispensible person at such times.


Kuro-chan’s moderation and character matched the setting.


And since TERU’s appearance was a surprise, his character naturally surprised me too.
The next day he also came as a surprise.
I’m happy to say that I want to go out next year, but there’s a also a band schedule and can’t overdo it *LOL*
I’m happy to wait anytime…


Many aspects of each artist that I can not usually see on the day, were seen

After a long absence, laughing and interaction with fans left a warm feeling in my stomach,


I myself also participated in this year’s snowboarding,
I enjoyed it very much as an extension of play.
I definitely want to open it at the end of winter.


If you like it


To our hotel


We’ll wait for you to come again.





HYBLOG – 12.07.2017


About the break

I’m sorry for the big shock.

The new album response, and the increased quality of the lives [was a bit much],
I decided to take a break.

The members and the staff were [working together] enthusiastically,

But then there were some issues in the relationship, and I realized the best thing to do was take a “break.”

It was possible to take a break without announcing it,
But since I don’t know when we’ll resume, we thought it best to make a statement.

I did not plan to take the break until the arena [tour] was finished.

Although, it seems the solo calendar release comes at a “convenient” time and is a bit unusual,
I actually decided to do this back in September, since there is no L’Arc calendar. We began manufacturing the solo calendar.

At that time, VAMPS’ calendar was in production, but due to some difficulties, the calendar was suspended and production halted.

Thank you for supporting VAMPS so far. I am grateful.

I am sorry about this, but I was glad to have been able to create VAMPS.

I’m proud of the memories I made with everyone.

Next year, I will return to solo work and get a fresh start, continuing to move forward.

Please support me.


HYBLOG – 11.29.2017



I’m having a very relaxing life everyday, recently.

Most of the work is [completed] sufficiently via email.

It’s a convenient world where you can work anywhere with WiFi.
Now, I mostly arrange the Black Mass songs and confirm the goods.
I am cured of the cough I had since I caught a cold in South America.
I started singing songs little by little.
I was a bit tired because of various things for the Black Mass, but it’s fulfilling.
I am looking forward to entertaining everyone.

A new “companion” has increased the morning coffee making.

“Pots that can set the temperature ~ ♪”

It came when I’d forgotten about it.
It took about half a year for it to reach crowdfunding.*

[You] set the temperature with the dial, then just press the button.
A convenient pot that can be made without having to measure the hot water for the coffee and at the proper temperature (now at 85 degrees Celsius).

Up until now, it was difficult to measure or set the thermometer properly, so I would adjust it by cooling the [water] down after boiling.
I thought that I was an analog human, but it seems like I like this sort of thing.
It might be enough for only snow countries to grind beans with a coffee mill.

There are talks about putting a capsule that makes the coffee with only one button, but that’s different.

I’d like to drink the real thing as easily as possible.

When I get up, I brew 2 cups of coffee in the coffee tumbler I bought in Seattle.
Regardless of the heat retention performance, I feel that the ceramic tumbler is more delicious.




Coffee set.

From the left, “Temperature control pot,” “Electric coffee mill,” “Drip server,” “Sealed coffee bean storage can.”**
Coffee tumbler in front.***

Well, I’ll have a cup of coffee today and send emails.


*NOTE: The coffee maker HYDE is referring to was recently made available through a “kickstarter” project.
**NOTE: The items in the photo are (from left), the Stagg EKGKalita NEXT G, and most likely a coffee bean storage can like this AirScape Large Stainless Steel Canister: click here

***NOTE: The tumbler is a Seattle Pike Place Ceramic Tumbler.


HYBLOG – 02.28.2017


Here and There

After recording has been finished, a weight has been lifted.
It seems there is no rest until everything is done for the recording.
Recording itself wasn’t difficult,
Singing was short and easy, and I think there was somehow no stress, although if I think of it now with a relaxed mental state, I think there was in fact stress.
I am relaxing a lot more now.
I wonder if I will continue with a life where tension and relaxation are repeated.
Even though I say this casually,
After the usual post-processing work, the preparations for the lives are piled up when it’s over,

Because of that I feel like a nerd who has to do things in a hurry without being pressured by a deadline.




Recently, I start the day brewing coffee (I drink 2 cups of coffee).
A detailed confirmation of work springs forth, and it gushes out like water, and there is no end.*
*NOTE: HYDE approves everything before it is produced, especially where goods and merchandise are concerned. So HYDE is discussing the daily routine of confirming things like the graphics for the goods and whatnot.
“Which logo is better, A or B?”
“Umm…what’s the difference between A & B?”
“It’s a bit dirty”
“Well, they’re different if you look closely…”
I work at that level *LOL*
And when I get into those sort of things, it may never end,
Production of the L’Arc~en~Ciel live,
The VAMPS album jacket,
Japanese translation of lyrics,
Confirmation of goods and ideas,
I wonder if I can memorize the new song lyrics, which is the main thing.
Every day passes quickly [when] I am working.
Because each of those things is part of a job I like, I’m not bothered by it.




But, I have not made much progress in terms of memorizing the lyrics.
English is difficult to memorize…
However, as for the lyrics themselves, I don’t know if they’re good or not,
Rhyming and rhythm can be off if [the lyrics are] confused with something similar
I often sing the parts I remember because of the humor I had [associated] with it during production.
I’m the type of person who remembers with his body.
I think it is clumsy and inefficient to memorize by concentrating and concentrating, so I [try] to do it a little bit at a time.
I never remember unless I have a lot of live performances,
I think I have that kind of problem.
But, I hate it when I can’t concentrate on the live because I am so focused on the lyrics
This is why I prefer to have a live, where I’ve memorized everything perfectly.
That’s why there is no cheat sheet on the stage!
Absolutely not!
I don’t think so.
Does it not exist?
No, it definitely does not exist *LOL*
I’m sorry, but Japanese will not appear in the next album.
I wanted to include some, but I didn’t have time…
The only [Japanese] word on the album is “BUTTOBASHITE” *LOL*
But, remember that there are plenty of places [in the songs] that are easy to sing.
When the “CALLING” MV was made, I was able to sing it without cheat sheets [written] in advance.
I will practice for the lives and it will be easier for me (like a nerd)
When shooting, I have to sing at double-speed, which is tongue-twisting and hard work [for me], but thanks to memorizing everything in advance, it was easy to make the MV.




“CALLING” was the first video shot by American staff since “SEASON’S CALL.”
I thought about the kind of feelings American musicians have when filming,
[So] I basically leave it to the American staff, and the idea was also conceived by the director.
It is not correct to only build this work myself, but it is also important to [incorporate] another person’s ideas successfully.
It’s the same in recording,
If only good ideas are produced, then that’s very good,
However, I hate those unpleasant instances where I can’t accept all of the ideas that emerge and have to refuse them.
I must have the heart of a demon *LOL*
I don’t want such situations to happen, so I hope for good ideas.


That’s why I left it in the hands of the director, so I can choose my own ideas, which is why I can say that I am building VAMPS.

On the day [of the shooting], it was an unusually rainy day in Los Angeles,
I was worried because it the rain fell abruptly for about 2 hours, but we ended up finishing as scheduled.
The shooting crew is very cheerful, which made it a good atmosphere




When they made a good shot, they celebrated each time *LOL*
The same happened when we recorded.
The Japanese don’t celebrate when being praised *LOL*
I was worried whether the female model would match the atmosphere, but I was relieved because it she turned to be very nice.
I was glad to go with the director’s recommendation *LOL*




Now that [we] are editing the MV, it’s a beautiful and has dark images.
However, the atmosphere feels different [than what has been done before].
Look forward to it.
I don’t want to do the MV verification work for some reason.
The body refuses [to do so].
I have an unpleasant feeling and [I] hesitate to open the file.
I don’t know why.
Is it because I have no expectations?
Maybe because I’m afraid if it isn’t good?
Maybe that’s why, but it still makes me uneasy.
But, I don’t want to reply late and since errors impossible to fix now,
I must click on the file as quickly as possible.
This time, it’s better than I imagined,
I’ve gotten used to it, as I have watched it several times
Still, I does not finish convincing me…
Recording will be resumed the day after filming,
So, we headed to Las Vegas where the studio is located.
It’s about 4-5 hours [away].
Then that evening, I was surprised to see photos of the shooting for the day had shown up on SNS.
Since common sense is different overseas, [they] took liberty to share [photos] without my permission on their own SNS.**
If this was Japan, the staff would be fired.
**NOTE: “SNS” refers to “social networking system,” aka social media (or Instagram, specifically in this case HYDE is referring to).


Naeba is coming soon!
And we’re done with everything!
I wonder if winter will come again☆


Original Text:














撮影では倍速で歌ったりするから早口言葉とか大変なんだけど、覚えておいたおかげでMV 撮るのが楽だった。


「CALLING」は「SEASON’S CALL」以来の、アメリカのスタッフでのシューティングになった。



当日は、Los Angelesでは珍しく雨で寒いし、







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VAMPS + American Street Team + 9th AnniVAMPSary CONTEST!



The VAMPS + American Street Team + was founded on February 8th, 2008, in little dorm room at U.C. Berkeley. For NINE years, the VAMPS + American Street Team + has been dedicated to promoting VAMPS’ music here in the United States, all while making friends and having fun in the process. So, to celebrate this momentous occasion, we would like to celebrate it the best way the street team knows how – by having a contest!



On the subject of anniversaries, VAMPS honored their 8th anniversary by releasing “HISTORY – The Complete Video Collection 2008-2014.” The collection includes all of their music videos spanning from 2008-2014. I would like for you to express, in your own opinion, what VAMPS’ greatest accomplishment has been so far. They’ve had many milestones in their careers and their story isn’t over, but thinking back on what they’ve done, what accomplishment is most meaning to you?

So, to summarize, the prompt is the following:

In your own opinion, express what VAMPS’ greatest accomplishment has been so far and how/why is it most meaningful to you?


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ONE winner will receive “HISTORY – The Complete Video Collection 2008-2014 [Limited Edition / Type B]” in brand-spanking-new condition. 😀



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