Promoting VAMPS


Promoting VAMPS is tough business. Tough, but rewarding and is actually quite fun at times, though one can definitely do without the blisters you get on your feet from walking around town posting fliers – ha,ha! Just kidding.

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Ju-ken’s and Arimatsu’s Blog Entries! :3

*Thanks to VAMPS SPAIN for the heads up.


Here’s a photo from ARIMATSU’s blog, taken during the beginner snowboarding lessons in Naeba! Looks like they had a blast. 😉

Next, here are some photos from Ju-ken’s blog in Naeba:


Very rough translation of Ju-Ken’s blog:

Subject: Blog

Anyway, even so it was a very fun day!
Slipping, event, slipping, event, slipping….
Hmm, you went sliding?

[I] returned to the station premises on the summit to eat onigiri and Gin-chan was by the bomb.


In one minute, the koshihikari was cooked and you could choose whatever contents [inside]!!
I once again realized the effect of rice!



VAMPires Teaching Snowboard/Ski Lessons?

VAMPS teaching snowboarding classes? Yes, that’s correct….well, sort of. For those lucky VAMPADDICT members that are attending the “VAMPADDICT-WINTER 2013” event and have purchased the “accomodation package + ticket,” will get to enjoy skiing/snowboarding lessons with guests: JU-KEN, ARIMATSU, and JIN! *gasp*

So, the classes will be broken down as follows:

– Intermediate snowboarding: taught by JU-KEN
– Beginner snowboarding: taught by ARIMATSU
– Beginner ski: taught by JIN
*All classes include lift tickets.


Dates for the classes are as follows:
SUNDAY, February 24th, from 10:00 – 12:00 pm
* Limited to those who purchase the “accomodation plan + ticket” for the February 23rd performance.

MONDAY, February 25th, from 10:00 – 12:00 pm
* Limited to those who purchase the “accomodation plan + ticket” for the February 24th performance.

Here’s the original text:


「VAMPADDICT -WINTER 2013-」 追加イベント決定!